Anhtu N.

As my wife and I were looking for an investment property in the heart of San Francisco, we were blessed to have found Thomas. Thomas is the best Realtor® we found, who really understands his clients, the marketplace, and what it takes to expeditiously close a deal. Thomas offers you not only the value, and the quality but the business trust that you could totally rely on. Truly a world-class client service. Reassured you would find no other Realtor® or broker better than Thomas. I highly recommend Thomas to you when you have a real estate need.

Harlan G.

Thomas is a very professional Realtor®, who consistently provides top-notch service to his clients. He's great about following up on items needed, to have a successful conclusion of the transaction. I'm sure his clients love working with him. He's also good to work with, as a fellow Realtor®. Thomas Nguyen is a good person to know.

John O.

Thomas was my real estate broker for selling my house in San Francisco. He knew the market and knew exactly what to do. He convinced me to spend a little on cosmetic work and staging. But did it ever pay off! The house sold well over asking price and in less than 2 weeks. This was all due to Thomas. Best broker ever!

Janet H.

Thomas is a very professional, knowledgeable, and "tech-savvy" agent, who makes use of technology tools to provide the extra service demanded by buyers and sellers today. Although successful on his own, Thomas is always available to make contributions and suggestions which add to the success of the team.

Work With Thomas

With my 19 years of real estate experienced & knowledge in San Francisco Bay Area market place. I strike to exceed expectations for every single property I manage or sell.